Lesson 4 How we learn

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    1. Hi Calee, great to have you here and thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear you like the breakdown of learning and experiences. I think the ‘mindset’ side of things never gets the attention it deserves, but when you have the mindset and the skills thats when you go to the next level!

    1. Hi Pedro, thanks for the comment. It’s great to have you and your team going through the course.

  1. I’m so exited to start this program I pray that some breakthrough will happen here in my business.

    1. Focus, commitment and the big and most important one “Implementation” and you will get the results or breakthrough that you’re looking for.

    1. Hi Mariam,
      Great to have you join us on the Super Stylist course! You will find the workbook in the ‘Resources’ section. Along with anything else that you need. Let us know how you get on.

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