Super Stylist is the most comprehensive course of it's kind.

The course walks you step by step through a proven system of what you need to do to become a highly productive and well paid professional hair stylist.

Who's it for?

Before I tell you all about this career defining program, let's talk about who this is really for...

1. You're a salon owner who has great technical and creative skills and a high level of productivity but are tired of always having to be the most productive one carrying the rest of the team.

2. You're a studio owner or independent contractor who has great technical and creative skills but just can't seem to build the business you know you are capable of.

3. You're a budding stylist full of enthusiasm and energy that wants to be shown the most direct path and a proven system to becoming a productive well rewarded stylist.

By the end of this course,

you will have…

It all starts with having the right ‘mindset' and then everything else stems from that. Whether you are a business unit of 1 or a team of 100 there needs to be clarity about “this is how we do it here”!

In a world full of mediocrity your brand needs to stand for something. The way to do that is to define your brand values and what that looks like from a client service experience. The next step is to develop the training systems to make sure that it is a replicable process that produces predictable and consistently high results.

When you and your team have clarity and are united around a ‘true north' about the salons vision, that results in an increased level of motivation and commitment. The knock on, is increased productivity in all areas whether you are talking about financial results or an increased sense of purpose and belonging.

More than ever today people want to do meaningful work, work that they believe in and feel passionate about. When you get them involved in understanding why they do what they do and challenge their own limiting beliefs you set them up for success beyond what they imagined was possible.

How Super Stylist has helped others...

Can you explain a bit more about the course content?

I figured that the easiest way to cover that was to show you a short edited video from the course introduction, it walks you through each module explaining what’s covered.

What’s Inside Super Stylist?

Module 1

Getting Focused

Success with everything starts with having the right mindset! Remember, the number 1 key to your success is your 'Attitude' and how you show up everyday. So we start by getting focused on what the opportunities are and what you want from a career in hair!

Module Highlights
Module 2

I want to be a Super Stylist!

Making the commitment is the first step to making it happen. But understand that being good at the technical and creative skills is only half of what will make you successful. Personal productivity matters! Like it or not, “Results count”. 

The average hairdresser isn’t paid well, because their level of productivity doesn’t allow it. You can determine what you earn, by increasing your personal productivity and in this module we take you step by step what you need to do to achieve that.

Module Highlights
Module 3

Inspire Me

You have about 10 seconds to make a positive first impression and to build trust and confidence with the client in your chair and that all starts with a consultation.

Learn how to do consultations without letting your limiting beliefs and preconceptions get in the way. Successful consultations are about you looking at your client and describing the services and products that you believe are right for them.

Module Highlights
Module 4

The Marketing of you

Primarily because of Social media, today more than ever before we live in a time where we are in many ways becoming our own brand. 

So, it's essential that we recognise and embrace the power of our brand and that we consciously project and communicate a consistent and professional image both as individuals and as part of a larger team.

Module Highlights
Module 5

What do you believe?

There is no point in jumping straight into learning the practical skills until you've addressed some of the emotional road blocks and limiting beliefs that will undermine what you are trying to do.

Once you get clear on your own goals and ambitions and take ownership of your own level of motivation then you really are only limited by your imagination and what you believe is possible!

In module 5 we help you look at the mental roadblocks, the self doubt and disempowering beliefs that are in your head and what you need to do to move forward! 

Module Highlights
Module 6

Repeat Business

Any business that is built around a ‘one off' sale is making it very hard on itself. One of the fundamental keys to success in the salon industry is building a repeat business clientele. Fail to do that and you are always going to be looking to get new clients in your chair.

In Module 6 you will learn the steps to ensure that you are building a repeat business clientele.

Module Highlights
Module 7

Selling stuff

We are all selling! Every conversation is a sales conversation, we are selling our ideas, our personalities, our knowledge and yes we are also selling products in bottles and tubes and tubs etc. 

Quite simply ‘Selling is serving' and we are here to serve our clients with the right advice the best haircuts and colours and the take home products needed to maintain their hair between salon visits.

In Module 7 you will learn the simple strategies needed to ensure that your clients get the complete service they deserve.

Module Highlights
Module 8

Know your numbers

In business numbers tell a story. The story of what is working and what isn't working.

When you understand the numbers you understand that they are the results of actions and behaviours and that the way to change the results is to focus on changing the actions and behaviours that drive them.

In Module 8 you will learn that as you take ‘ownership’ of your numbers that you can really start to change them!

Module Highlights
Module 9

Become more!

Our lives are a journey, a daily process of evolving and growing into the person that we choose to be.

If we stand still life will pass us by and so it is only by learning more and embracing the new that we fulfil our potential.  

Choose to ‘become more!' `Choose to step outside your comfort zone and push at the boundaries of possibility because that is where growth and opportunity is to be found. 

In Module 9 we give you the tools and the guidance to take you the next stage.

Module Highlights

What are the components of the course?

The 9 training modules are made up of 33 individual Video lessons. The Videos range in length from 9 minutes to 35 minutes in total there is over 9 hours of content. Each video walks you through a topic step by step and finishes with a summary of the key points and action steps for that lesson. 

The Super Stylist workbook is an important part of the course. At 70 pages it is designed to keep you engaged and on track as you work through the content. Its sole purpose is to help you implement in order to get the most from the course.

The Super Stylist course calendar is an implementation tool designed to keep you on track as you move through the course.

The Super Stylist course includes an assessment designed to keep you engaged whilst assessing your grasp of the topic.

On successful completion of the course you will receive the Super Stylist certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

After doing variations of this course for the last 20 years, with thousands of attendees having gone through it. I know that if you put in the work you WILL get results.

Yes! The Super Stylist course is a pre-recorded course made up of 9 modules with a total of 33 videos [ranging from 10 mins to 35 minutes]

The course is supplemented with a series of 7 live Zoom calls to the attendees starting on Monday 25th Jan 2021. These calls will be recorded in case you miss them as they will not always be in the same time zone. In case you miss the calls don’t worry as they will be recorded and put in your course library.

Aside from the 7 live ZOOM calls you can work your way through the course at your leisure, you can work through the content as fast or as slow as you want.

An essential component of this course is the members only facebook group which is intended for everyone. 

This is supplemented with 7 x 1 hour group coaching calls with Antony where you can engage, ask questions and receive feedback and support and this is intended for salon managers only.

I agree that's often the case, one of the reasons is you go to a seminar leave all pumped up and within a week it's back to business as usual. The advantage of this course is that you own it and can review it again and again. Secondly, there's a lot of content in this course that deals with having the right mindset when you can change how someone ‘Shows up' every day you change the results long term.

Starting Monday 25th January 2021 there is a fortnightly live group coaching call on ZOOM. This is intended as an add on to the course to trouble shoot and discuss any challenges etc that you may be experiencing with implementation at your end.

The zoom call is not intended for all your team to be on the call it's designed for the course owner and or salon manager.

In the event you can't attend the zoom call you are welcome to email in any questions before hand that will be addressed on the call.

Yes the intention is that you give your team access via their own unique log in. This then enables them to access the course on any device at any time. It also enables you to monitor their progress.

Depending on the amount of individual logins/seats you have purchased, up to 10, up to 25 or up to 50, determines how many unique logins/seats are available to you. 

The owner/manager of the course is given their own team dashboard where they can add as many team members up to the amount of seats purchased. They will also be able to remove team members, view their progress throughout the course and reset passwords.


No! You don’t have to get your team altogether at the same time! You could if you wanted to and I think that there is a benefit to having a group of people go through it together as they can discuss the learnings and even role play if they wish to as they work through the content and discuss what is and isn’t working for them.

The course is made up of 33 videos plus a 70 page workbook and can be done at any time, I suggest that people spread it out over a few weeks so that they can integrate and try out ideas as they go as opposed to binge watch.

The other advantage is that as it's video which you own [as opposed to attending a 1 day course that you forget] you can revisit any section to review as many times as you wish.

Also, when new staff members join they would work through the program [probably on their own] so that they are aware of the salon culture and standards in these areas.

In the course workbook and the downloads section there is a calendar to fill out manually to track your progress as you work through the course.

At the end of every video [33 videos in total] there is a summary section and a series of action steps to implement followed by a short assessment to see how much information is retained.

There is also a series of graphs in the workbook for individuals to manually track their productivity as they work through the program.

The course owner will have access to their own team dashboard where they can view all of their team members progress throughout the course.

Access to the course is given by individual logins rather than by individual salon location so you can purchase up to 10, up to 25 or up to 50 logins. For more than 50 individual logins please contact [email protected]

The answer is in the name ‘Workbook” I totally recommend that you do print out the workbook and complete the exercises within it as you go in order to get the most out of it.

The course is made up of 9 modules which contain 33 videos in total. The shortest video is 10 minutes and the longest 35 minutes. In total there is over 9 hours of video content.

At the end of every video is a summary and action steps which are meant to be completed before you watch the next video. In theory you could ‘binge’ watch the whole program but I highly recommend that you don’t do that but instead work through one module at a time and implement the content as you go.

My recommendation is that you do 1 module each week, so that the entire course is completed in 9 weeks. However I also fully respect that you will adapt the time frame based on your experience level and whether you are doing it as part of a group or alone.

Yes! I use the term ‘stylist’ very loosely. The course is aimed at anyone in the hair and beauty business. Whether you are a colourist, hair stylist, barber or even beauty therapist you still rebook, retail, generate referrals, sell an experience and build relationships and do consultations etc.

No! The entire course content is available immediately to you upon joining. Occasionally course bonuses may be added in at a later date at no charge.

No! Once you register you will be sent your login details and after that point it's essentially playing videos. Everything that you need is in the course platform once you've logged in you're good to go.

Yes! I have worked in over 50 countries and I can confidently say that the contents of this course are not country specific. As with everything I encourage everyone to always adapt the content and the ideas to suit their own culture, target market and goals and ambitions.

There aren't any haircuts and colours demonstrated in the Super Stylist course. This course is not about the technical and creative side of what makes you a successful stylist, it is about the people and communication skills needed to succeed.

Yes! The course content is totally adaptable to suit your business systems however I always suggest that you adapt everything to suit your business model, target market and your own goals and ambitions.

The Super Stylist book and the 1 day seminar is the inspiration for the online course but there is way more content in the online course so whilst some of it may be familiar there is a lot of new content that goes into a lot more depth and detail.

Yes! My belief is that we all never stop learning. No matter at what stage of your career you are at there will always be something here that is relevant to your professional growth.

I believe that this will set people up from the beginning to be the best version possible of themselves regardless of what stage of their career they are at.

The secret to success is always about having strong fundamentals whether it is in cutting and colouring skills or in communication skills. Regardless of how long you have been in the industry revisiting fundamentals is always a way to strengthen our knowledge and improve our results.

Please get in touch with melinda@growmysalonbusiness with details of how many colleges and how many students.

The FB group is intended for anyone going through the course. The purpose of the FB group is to share with the community what’s working and any challenges that you may have. And importantly cheer each other along and to celebrate your wins!

The group coaching calls on ZOOM are intended for the person who purchased the course [typically the salon owner/manager]  The focus of these calls is to trouble-shoot any challenges that you may be having with implementation of the content and what you have found needs to be adapted. Antony will be facilitating these calls to answer any questions you may have and to share any other content that may help you make the course as successful as possible.

I can’t wait for you to join Super Stylist

The ‘Super Stylist’ course gives you the communication tools, and the understanding to enable you to get off to the best possible start to become a successful and well rewarded hairdresser. Think of it as, ‘a personal and business development program’ specifically for hairdressers.
And while all that is true, it’s really about so much more than that. It’s about finding out who you are, it’s about dreaming, it’s about having fun, it’s about finding your passion, it’s about growth. And it’s about creating the lifestyle that you want to have, and it’s about becoming the person that you know you were meant to be! 
Super Stylist is a course that forms the ‘Foundations of Salon success’ Study it, use it, work at it. And I promise you ‘it will make a positive difference’ to your career,  your income and your life!
See you on the inside!