Dashboard Courses Salon Management Module 1 – Getting Focused

Lesson 2 – Create it on paper first

Lesson 2 – Create it on paper first

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  1. Do we need to go through all the points you raised in create it on paper first?

    1. Good question. It’s a lot of work! Some of those points listed you will already have in place, others maybe you are not yet ready for …but will be as you grow. But then there will be other things on that list that might jump out at you as being the very thing that is the solution to whatever is stopping you from growing… So my advice is that you do what you feel is necessary and then move on. You can come back and review what you need to as your business grows because as it grows the needs will change. Don’t feel that you have to complete everything before you can move on. It’s important that you get some quick wins and make progress. This isn’t a course that you whizz through and it’s done. It’s a resource that you’ll keep coming back to again and again.

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